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Camellia Group – a multi-dimensional and multi disciplined organisation having its core strengths in Education, Hospitality, Industry, Real Estate and Aviation.

The single largest educational conglomerate in Eastern India, the group addresses the critical area of Technical and Vocational education in a region that has, for reasons political, historical and economics, suffered immeasurably due to high levels of unemployment. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Camellia Group has played a stellar role in swaying the tide against the old colonial educational system that produced countless "generalists" every year the "qualified" thousands who has few or no takers in the job market. The group of institutions offer entire gamut of academic courses.

The Camellia Group has five big campuses in West Bengal to provide an array of professional Courses.

Presently the group possesses Four Engineering Colleges, Four Management Colleges, One Law College, One Hotel Management College, One Aviation College and shortly launching Two B.Ed. Colleges, Two Diploma Colleges, Two International standard Schools and the most coveted one i.e. Camellia University in Assam. The colleges are affiliated to / approved by the statutory bodies like AICTE, WBUT, C.U, B.U, V.U, DGCA, Bar Council of India etc. Group's investment in Education as on date exceeds Rs. 250 crores in 10,00,000 sq.ft. of built-up Academic, R&D, and Hostel Infrastructure.

The Group also posses the only Cement Plant at Agartala, Two star category hotels, 5 air planes for Pilot License training, Rubber plants and so many real estate projects. Our upcoming projects like 1 million ton capacity cement plant at Meghalaya, Hotel chains in Sikkim, Shilong, Cherapunji, Kolkata, Guwahati, and Chain of Restaurant etc.

Passion for Excellence

Possession of relevant knowledge, creation of new knowledge, and the capacity for its application has become the determinants in the strength of a nation. Education is a dynamic phenomenon that must recognise the changes in the environment and respond to the growing demands and challenges. Education is a large system, the parameters of which show a high rate of change. In today's scenario, the educational planners have to take a global view. Unfortunately in West Bengal, we still lag way behind to accept these changes and modify our approach towards Education.

Choosing a career is a multi-step process. We at CCCE will try to provide you with a model which might help you to choose a career and gain competencies required for it. The decision for each individual is different, since everyone is a distinct individual, so this model is generic in nature which should be helpful not only for fresher but also throughout one's life.

Every human being has various inherent strengths and weaknesses, which should be recognised by making an honest introspection. Objective self-assessment of own strengths and weaknesses would reveal to an individual his/her own inner potential. An objective analysis will ensure selection of a proper direction to one's career.

An essential pre-requisite for excelling in any of the career paths is through preparation at the pre-entry stage. Professionally and technically one has to be absolutely sure of oneself. In addition, general awareness of the environmental variables is a must. This awareness includes knowledge about day to day science, about the socio-political system, economic planning, budgeting process, economic geography, current happenings in the country as well as in the world etc. Such awareness cannot be acquired overnight and needs constant input over the years. Regular reading of standard newspapers and competition magazines right from the student days are required. A sharp mind with a detailed knowledge of the environment around is bound to succeed in any sphere ranging from selft-employment to Government service. In case of competitions and interviews for Government jobs, such awareness goes a long way in helping a candidate to succeed by having an edge over others. Same is true for getting selected for a private job as well.

These and many such issues are taken into consideration while designing the course curriculum at CCCE, so that a fresher can become a thorough professional and expert for facing the toughest of the competitions.

Finally I must add that a curriculum, no matter how good it is, will not translate into academic or professional excellence if the person, implementing it, lacks a passion for excellence.

I wish you a meaningful life ahead.

Niloy Datta
Director, Camellia College of Competitive Examinations

Learn With Laughter

Children learn best when they are in the company of other kids, during the various activities of our school where and when they will get a chance to pick up new talents, mingle with other like minded kids and understand the values of sharing, teamwork, leadership and exploring. So when your kids come back home with stains all over them, those won't be just stains, but will be proofs of what they have learnt and something new each day.

Be it ink, mud, food or paint, whatever the stain may be, every stain comes with a nugget of learning attached. Every stain is a result of a new experience. All this happen while your kids are having tones of fun. Stains are good!!!

The objective of education is to contribute to the integral, intellectual, social, moral and religious formation of the whole individual.

Education is the root of prosperity of a nation. A nation's strength is its educated population. As Herbert Spencer said "Education has for its object, the formation of character". Mahatma Gandhi said, "Education is the development of body, mind and soul".

N.R. Datta
Chairman & Managing Director, Camellia Group