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  • Camellia Group has started its competitive examinations wing to cater to the youth of West Bengal
  • The aura and authority associated with the Government jobs will never lose its attraction. The factors which heavily in favour of these jobs are - extreme job security, social status, amount of authority associated and time bound promotion.
  • Camellia College of Competitive Examinations will contribute in building up the top brains in the Civil Services, the officer cadre in different PSU's, Clerical sector, Academics etc.
  • Camellia has played a stellar role in swaying the tide against the old colonial educational system.
  • You dream success, you live success and ultimately achieve it, you become what you think.

CCCE - Now Stepping Into Another Success Story

Camellia College of Competitive Examination
11, Mahatma Gandhi Road, 2nd Floor, Near Sealdah Station, Kolkata – 700009
Phone No: 9007030140, 9007030126

For Franchisee Contact : Mr.Junaid Alam, Ph: 8442912199

Study Centres

  • Sonarpur - Tel: 033-60501999 / 7044081810
  • DumDum - Tel: 914 365 6400 / 864 808 2500 / 033-6455 6444
  • Naihati -  Tel: 9830333578 / 9831593788


To support the students to grow from inside and have believe in them and also to guide them to become a strong professional.


We are committed to provide, through the pursuit of excellence and the creation of a stimulating and supporting learning environment, the highest quality education to enable the students to attain their maximum potential.

Teaching Methodology

The Institute will help you in concentrating on essentials in the study of each topic. There will be every effort from our end to induct an encyclopedic range of knowledge in a short span of time. The approach therefore will be to develop a higher degree of intellectual clarity and critical ability to accept new concepts and ideas better and faster. The ex- WBCS officers, Bank Managers and other renowned ex- Government officers from different sectors are taking classes. We also provide the training for Group Discussion and Personal Interview at our every center to make the students aware of how to face the interview board.

At Camellia College of Competitive Examinations our Academic Counsellors and teachers inform the students about the vacancies arising out of different Government sectors as also the syllabi of the respective examinations with Time Management Techniques. Mainly in Reasoning and Maths our teachers use the shortest method of solving the problems.

Apart from the lectures of the teachers, there are a series of mock tests by monthly basis. A review of these is done by the concerned teachers and the mistakes committed by the students are pointed out in a manner that they will not commit the same mistakes again.

We also provide Personality Development training because Personality is the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts and interacts with others. Personality is the sum total of individual's Psychological traits, characteristics, motives, habits, attitudes, beliefs and outlooks.

An essential pre- requisite for excelling in any of the career paths is through preparation at the pre-entry stage. Professionally and technically one has to be absolutely sure of oneself. Through our teaching methodology we have made sustained efforts to promote character building coupled with sharpening the intellect of the youth.A wholesome personality is required to accept the challenges of life and go on. Guiding the youth to the summit of success is the motto towards which the humble endeavor of Camellia College of Competitive Examinations is directed.


It is a profitable joint-venture for all those who look for greater returns in respect of low initial investment. Franchisee provides the necessary infrastructure and we provide our excellent educational and administrative know-how.

For franchisee enquiry callMr.Aveek Bhattacharya : Ph: 9007030105