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Camellian Kidz – At a Glance

Camellia group has also entered the 10+2 school segment with the launch of Camellia International School (CIS) at Bainchi, Hooghly. The
group plans to open 14 such CIS in various district head quarters across West Bengal. Camellia International Schools have been conceptualized as one of the country’s most futuristic chains of 10+2 schools powered by a unique research based school system. Each of these schools will be encircled by various small Pre-schools “Camellian Kidz” in radius of 20-25 km. These preschools will serve as feeder school for Camellia International Schools, this way both the brands will support each other while parents don’t have to worry about “ what next” after Camellian Kidz.

Camellia Kidz will cater to children living within a radius of 4-5 Km around it.  This  typical  hub  and  spoke   model  will  change  the landscape  of   education once it  is implemented .

The   main   objective of   both Camellia Kidz and Camellia International School is to provide English Medium Quality Education at an affordable cost.

 Diagrammatic Representation of Our School Project:

Note    Camellia  Kidz  will  be  located  at  a  radius  of  20-25 Km distance  from  Camellia  International  School.


Camellian Kidz

Preschool education is one of the most recession free sectors you can invest in. In tough times like these, education is the last place where people cut their budgets and more so in the early childhood education. This is because parents are aware that the preschool years are the most crucial period for their child, as a majority of brain development has taken place by the time the child starts formal schools. Parents realize that the environment during this most plastic and impressionable period must provide the experience for sound physical, intellectual, aesthetic, emotional, spiritual and social development of the child. At this stage, anything other than the best is a compromise for the child’s future.

Now you have an opportunity to offer the best in preschool education in your community by joining hands with Camellia Group- West Bengal’s largest education provider. Camellia group has been in existence in the educational domain for over 15 years, incorporating the best of practices from around the world into the Indian system and today you have this opportunity to benefit from it.

Every year, more & more Business Partners choose to partner with us. This will only increase as the years go on, because we leave no stone unturned in giving the best support to our Business Partners. Here’s how we extend all the support so that they can have a perfect working environment:

There’s access to the entire customer base in the neighborhood, as no other Camellian Kidz is allowed within a 6 km distance in metros, and a 10 km distance in other towns of an existing pre-school. Running a Camellian Kidz pre-school can fetch you more than 150% ROI, which indicates the earnings on the capital invested.

An extremely short cash break even period means that cash profits start flowing in within the 1st year from investment. Plus, students of Camellian Kidz directly secure admission into Camellia International Schools. Thus maintaining continuity and making the admission process easier for parents. Both these assets translate into a loyal customer base.